6 Goals Of Remote Surveillance

Choosing the right cellular camera solution.

1) Real-Time Surveillance

With dual antennas for improved reception for high-resolution images and videos you can view your assets in real-time

2) Accurate Monitoring

BarnOwl's cameras have coordinates at the bottom of their photos for more detailed and accurate monitoring using the GPS capabilities.

3) Real Time Photos & Videos

BarnOwl provides on-demand photos and videos through their app. These photos and videos are sent immediately after they are captured.

4) High Quality Night Vision Photos

Capture high quality BarnOwl's cameras come equipped with an invisible IR flash that reaches up to 65 feet.

5) Inexpensive Subscription Plan

Pay only $9.00-$15.00 per month to monitor your property from anywhere.

6) Our Coverage

Our coverage is independent from your personal carrier. You never have to pay a carrier, and will only have a monthly bill with Barn Owl Tech