Barn Owl Cellular Cameras

Managing cellular security cameras and data doesn’t get any easier.

  • Barn Owl cellular cameras include a pre-activated SIM card that automatically connects to the nearest compatible cell network, separately from your current cell plan.
  • Our cameras connect to AT&T, T-Mobile, and their partners’ cellular networks, but you do not need a plan with the carrier.
  • You pay Barn Owl at the end of each monthly billing cycle for how much you used the cameras over the last 30 days.
  • You can access your cameras’ photos and videos through our web-app, or have them automatically forwarded to any device via email or text.
  • You can turn the cameras ON or OFF in our web-app anytime, you only pay for the time that it’s ON.
  • There are no activation, deactivation, overage fees, or contracts.

Cellular Data Billing Details

With Barn Owl, our monthly charges consist of the following three components:

  1. Connection Fee - a prorated fee of up to $8 per month per camera, depending on how long the camera's data connection is turned ON in the app each month. For example, if the camera is ON for only half the month, then that camera's connection fee will only be $4.
  2. Data Fee - the total data used by all cameras on your Barn Owl account. No minimum usage or overage fees.
  3. SMS Fee - sending commands to the cameras uses SMS messages. We charge $0.03 per SMS when you update settings or command a trigger on-demand.

Typical Cellular Data Costs

Our customers spend on average $12 per camera per month. You can turn your cameras OFF in the web-app anytime and pay $0 until you need them. With Barn Owl cameras, you have complete control over how much you pay each month. You can change the following camera settings anytime from the web-app to manage data usage:

  • Configure camera to send photos, videos, or both
  • Enable/disable motion trigger
  • Set delay between motion triggers
  • Restrict camera operation to a time window
  • Select Image Size/Resolution
  • Select Video Length
  • Turn Data Connections ON/OFF

Data Pricing Chart

Data charges include a connection fee, data fee, and SMS charges ($0.03 per SMS). Data is pooled across all of your cameras. The more data you use, the cheaper it gets, and you only have one, hassle-free bill for all of your cameras.

Data Calculator

Use our billing calculator to estimate your monthly bill based on the number of cameras in use along with the number and size of images taken.

Open Data Calculator

How do our cellular security cameras work?

Pre-Activated Connectivity

No need to hassle with cellular carriers, we include a pre-activated SIM card for simple cellular connectivity and operate separately from your cell phone bill. You just need a compatible cell signal in your area.

Contract Free

Use the Barn Owl web app to turn your cameras' data connections ON or OFF anytime with no additional charges. Receive pictures and videos via email or text to any list of email addresses or phone numbers, regardless of cell carrier.

Pay As You Go

Don't worry about committing to data plans you won't use. We use a flexible pay-as-you-go billing system that ensures you only pay for what you need.

We'll choose the best cellular carrier for your area!

US Carriers

You don't need to be signed up with these carriers, you just need a signal in your area. We provide a pre-activated SIM card and operate separately from your phone bill.

Note, our cameras cannot connect to Verizon towers. However, due to the large antennas on our cameras, we usually get good reception with our carriers in areas that customers tell us are "Verizon only".

Global Coverage

Need coverage outside the US or Canada? We offer coverage in 185 countries! Data pricing varies in countries outside North America.

The Barn Owl solar powered cellular security camera is useful for all types of properties. Whether you need a farm security camera, cellular surveillance camera, construction site camera, wildlife camera trap, or a cellular trail camera, Barn Owl is the best cellular security camera and will be there rain or shine.

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