How Barn Owl Water Assets Monitoring Solutions Save This Rancher 15 Hours Per Week

Cow-calf ranch in the Nebraska sandhills uses Barn Owl cameras in rough areas with minimal cell service.


"The need for constant monitoring of livestock water can overwhelm labor resources and bring other ranch activities to a halt. During periods of heat stress, this is only amplified as cattle increase their water consumption to maintain body temperature."
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Why Barn Owl?

What initial concerns, if any, did you have about Barn Own's soliton?

“That the signal strength would not be great enough to transmit images from where I really needed them. At many of these locations, I cannot reliably make a call from my phone."

Why did you choose Barn Owl?

Barn Owl is able to provide service even where cell reception is limited. Signal strength on the camera with an external antenna is significantly greater than on my phone. The technological support provided by Barn Owl has been constantly available.”

How difficult is it for someone to set up and use the Barn Owl system?

“The system can be set up by anyone. If you are unsure or have a question, the support provided by phone or instant message is superb.”

Have you or would you recommend Barn Owl to others?

“Yes. The technology has been very reliable, but it is the technical support that gives me the confidence to recommend Barn Owl to anyone."


How much time and money do you save using Barn Owl cameras?

“A network of cameras providing images twice a day on schedule, or at any time at my command has saved 15-20 hours per week. The time that otherwise would have to be spent examining these water supplies in person, has been diverted to spending more time with the cattle and most importantly my family."

What does your ROI on the Barn Owl system look like to date?

“The initial investment in hardware was returned in less than 6 months through savings in time, labor, and fuel. Plus, the system is like having an employee with 100% dependability and 24-7 availability.”

Are there things you are able to do now that you couldn't before?

“During periods of heat stress, it was impossible to monitor all water systems on a daily basis. Barn Owl has provided the ability to see all of my tanks within minutes, from anywhere, on my phone.”

How has your operation improved since you started using Barn Owl's system?

"We utilize wind, solar, and electric pumps to supply water, so failure is inevitable. Now we have the ability to immediately identify a problem. In turn, a repair can be made resulting in no interruption of water supply for the cattle.”
Monitor Your Assets
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