Expanding The McPhee Family Farms Operation to 500 Acres


Heat Up
to 115°

1.5 Hour

McPhee Family Farms is based in Ridgefield, WA

And has land spread out across an hour and a half drive in every direction.

Dealing with cattle, feed, water tanks, and fencing across an hour and a half drive with heat up to 115 degrees made growing the farm a huge obstacle.

By using Barn Owl Tech to receive photos and videos of their water tanks, temporary fencing and feed - McPhee Family Farms were able to grow from 20 manageable acres to 500 acres. 

No more driving over an hour out to check on land!

What the McPhee's are saying ...

“The ability to scale your business and grow far outweighs the investment. Once you get your first camera and not have to travel while being able to do it from home is huge. I couldn’t run this size of an operation without Barn Owl Tech.”

~ The McPhee Family

Why choose Barn Owl?

  • We have complete outdoor wireless security camera systems with remote viewing capabilities that take photos or short videos on motion-detection, at scheduled times, or on-demand.
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  • Streamlined use through the Barn Owl app – check in on wildlife and remote property in one place.
  • Contract-free cell service plan – pay as you go with our preactivated SIM card.
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  • 45 day return policy – if you’re not satisfied, return your product within 45 days for a full refund.
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The Barn Owl cellular surveillance camera is useful for all types of properties. Whether you need a farm security camera, cellular surveillance camera, construction site camera, wildlife camera trap, or a cellular trail camera, Barn Owl is the best cellular security camera and will be there rain or shine.

Questions about how our wildlife cameras can work for you? Check out our FAQs, fill out our contact form, call us at 720-594-5533, or email us at info@barnowl.tech.