Calving Season Solved with Barn Owl Cameras

Calving Season Solved with Barn Owl Cameras

Barn Owl wireless cameras are easy to set up and allow you to keep an eye on your calving pen from the comfort of your home. 

How it Works

Our cameras take photos or short videos on motion, at scheduled times, or on-demand. You can access your cameras from any device through our web-app. They connect to the nearest network using the pre-activated SIM card that we provide. You can receive photos and videos on any device via email or text message, or access them anytime from our web-app.

We bill you at the end of each month, separately from your phone bill, based on data usage for the month. A typical monthly bill is $12-15 for a camera left ON in the web-app for the entire month. You can turn them OFF in the web-app anytime and pay $0 until you need them again. Learn more about cellular data pricing here.  When not in use for calving season, Barn Owl cameras are great for barn security, hunting, and wildlife viewing.


Barn Owl cameras have several options for power. They primarily operate on AA batteries. If your barn has power, you can purchase the AC Power Adapter here on our Accessories page. Our barn cameras can also be purchased with solar panels that connect with a 5ft or 10ft cable. 


Our cameras are in stock and ready to ship. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and 2-year product warranty.

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