Remote Monitoring with Ai

Remote Monitoring with Ai

Barn Owl Ai

With Barn Owl Ai, you can now set alerts to trigger when the camera recognizes an object that you’ve identified as “alert worthy.” Within your account, you can set alerts to trigger when objects such as People, Vehicles, and/or Animals come into view of the camera. Barn Owl Ai is designed to help you reduce the number of unwanted alerts you receive while keeping you informed of issues that need your attention.

Problem we set out to Solve

Cameras designed for remote monitoring including Barn Owl Cameras are great at capturing anything and everything. The downside is that individuals tasked with managing alerts and updates from multiple cameras, projects, and locations become inundated with noise. It's difficult and time consuming to manage and make sense of all of the captured content.

With our first release of Barn Owl Ai, we set out to reduce the noise and introduce the benefits of remote monitoring with Ai capabilities.

Who can benefit from Remote Monitoring with Ai?

We built Version 1.0 of Barn Owl Ai to work for a wide variety of use cases. For Ranchers and Farmers monitoring their operations, they will now be able to set alerts to only trigger when something enters the cameras field of view that deserves their attention, such as a vehicle or person. For those monitoring remote properties or out on a hunt, you will now be able to set alerts that only trigger when animals enter your cameras field of view.

As our remote monitoring with ai capabilities expand, we expect to introduce more granular controls and make the system smarter by enhancing the object identification features.

Barn Owl Ai Benefits:

  • Alerts When They Matter: You can now create alerts that only trigger when specific objects are identified. You can choose from Animals, People, or Vehicles and use any combination of the three.
  • Remove the Noise: With Barn Owl Ai, you only receive alerts when there is something worth your attention.
  • Manage Your Data: When you activate Barn Owl Ai, you will have the ability to quickly filter through your photos and highlight only those that have the objects you've identified.

How does Barn Owl Ai work?

Barn Owl Ai is based on Tags. When you activate the Ai feature, your camera will automatically begin capturing images with all three tags available: People, Vehicles, and Animals. You then have the option to set your alert settings to trigger based on one of those three tags or any combination of each. And in your camera gallery, you will also see those same three tags available within your filtering options so that you can quickly identify images throughout your entire image library.

- People, Animal, and Vehicle Detection

Barn Owl Ai is designed to identify objects within an image. In our first release, the Ai recognizes objects such as People, Animals, and Vehicles but it will not identify the specifics such as types of vehicles, animal species, and animal type. If you have a camera placed at a job site and want to be alerted when vehicles are entering/exiting the premise, the ai can be used to filter alerts to just those with vehicles identified. If you are monitoring property for signs of trespassing and illegal use, the ai can be used to filter your alerts to only trigger when people are present. And If you have a watering tank and you want to be alerted when animals are present, the ai can be used to notify you that animals have been identified at the water source.

- Historical Image Filtering

With Barn Owl Ai, once you activate the service and begin collecting images with the Ai turned on, you will now be able to filter through your image gallery by object type. You can set your filter tags to highlight any images with People, Animals, and/or vehicles identified. We hope that this will be a big improvement when it comes to your ability to manage your content.


How to Activate Barn Owl Ai?

Barn Owl Ai is a feature that can be activated by account owners in all Barn Owl accounts. There are no firmware or app updates required. Follow these steps for activation:

  • Step by Step:
  1. Login to your Barn Owl Account at [ Link ]
  2. Using the top left menu, navigate to your profile and select "billing"
  3. Under Billing, Select "Enabled" from the Ai Detection drop down
  4. Return to your camera gallery and select "Camera Settings"
  5. Confirm that your Motion Triggers are set to "ON"
  6. Return to your camera gallery and select "camera alerts"
  7. Under "Events" tell us how you would like to receive alerts and for which types of objects: Animal, Person, Vehicle.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 for each active camera in your account


What does Barn Owl Ai costs?


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