Cellular Trail Cameras

Check in on your favorite hunting spot with the Barn Owl cellular trail camera.

Our cellular trail cameras are here to help you keep up with your favorite hunting spots without ever having to step foot on your property. Whether you’re looking to monitor your feed plots, capture the perfect trophy buck, or wanting to monitor your stand, Barn Owl has the best cellular trail camera in the business.

Choose from multiple cellular trail cameras to meet your needs:

  • Schedule photos or videos from our remote security cameras to be delivered at predetermined intervals to keep you updated on your property.
  • Motion activated alerts via text or email help detect the huge buck that keeps coming around.
  • Check in whenever you need peace of mind by triggering near real time updates from the Barn Owl app.

Barn Owl 4G cams are absolutely awesome.. crystal clear pics and videos. I use alot of different cams but these 4g are top notch!! Customer service and tech support is extremely helpful.

Brian Davis

Why choose Barn Owl’s cellular trail cameras?

The Barn Owl cellular surveillance camera is useful for all types of properties. Whether you need a farm security camera, cellular surveillance camera, construction site camera, or a cellular trail camera, Barn Owl is the best cellular security camera and will be there rain or shine.

Questions about how our long range wireless barn cameras can work for you? Check out our FAQs, fill out our contact form, call us at 720-594-3649, or email us at info@barnowl.tech.