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"Barn Owl's solution is not only a big time saver, but it also gives me peace of mind."

Luke Perman
Rock Hills Ranch, SD

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Our online store has everything you need, making it simple to get started.
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Activate Service

To activate cell service, simply register your cameras in the Barn Owl web app. Yep...that's it.



Deploy your cameras anywhere with cellular service. Our solar panels ensure you always have power.


Monitor & Manage

Ourweb-app is your center for remote surveillance. View cameras, change settings, manage data, and more.


RangeCam 4G

Pricing: Bundles start at $349

The RangeCam 4G is a versatile outdoor camera for a wide range of surveillance needs.

The camera takes photos or videos on motion-detection, at scheduled times, or on-demand and transmits them to you immediately using Barn Owl's cellular data connection.

Command near real-time photos or videos and change camera settings remotely from the Barn Owl web app.

Our guarantees

  • 30-Day Refund with Free Returns
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Optional Insurance for Theft or Damage
  • Customer Service Guarantee

4.9/5.0 Stars

"Barn Owl has been a God send! The versatility in being able to customize the camera to our needs has made the Barn Owl camera system essential to our operation," Victoria Lewis.

"Very good and useful product, much more user friendly than I expected. Hassle-free set-up and great pictures for peace of mind," Josh Tielke, Texas Rancher.

"I am super pleased with them!! They take great pictures, and it’s nice not having to go and pull camera cards everything goes straight to my phone!! Nice to have the pictures in real time!!" Jeff Sheedy.

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We'll provide personalized recommendations, camera bundles, and quotes.

Cellular Service

Managing cellular service doesn't get any easier.

Pre-Activated Connectivity
No need to hassle with cellular carriers, we include a pre-activated SIM card for simple cellular connectivity and operate separately from your cell phone bill. You just need cell signal in your area.

Contract Free
Turn your cameras' data connections ON or OFF in the web-app at any time with no additional charges. Receive pictures and videos via email or text to any list of email addresses or phone numbers, regardless of cell carrier.

Pay As You Go
Don't worry about committing to data plans you might not use. We use a flexible pay-as-you-go billing system.

Pooled Data
Data is pooled across all of your cameras. The more data you use, the cheaper it gets, and you only have one, hassle-free bill for all of your cameras.

We'll choose the best carrier for your area, check coverage below.

US Carriers

You don't need to be signed up with these carriers, you just need signal in your area. We provide a pre-activated SIM card and operate separately from your phone bill.

Note, our cameras cannot connect to Verizon towers. However, due to the large antennas on our cameras, we usually get good reception with our carriers in areas that customers tell us are "Verizon only".

Canadian Carriers

Data pricing is the same in Canada as it is for the US.

Global Coverage

Need coverage outside the US or Canada? We offer coverage in 185 countries! Data pricing varies in countries outside North America.

Contact us to check coverage and pricing in your area or country.

Connectivity Made Simple
Dealing with cellular carriers is a pain, and billing can get complicated. We've made it as easy and flexible as possible. You pay at the end of each month for exactly how long you used the cameras and how much data they used. You can turn cameras ON or OFF in our web-app anytime. There are no activation fees.

Data Costs
Our customers average $12 per camera per month. Turn your cameras OFF anytime and pay $0 until you need them.

Data Calculator
Use our calculator to determine what your monthly bill will be.

Data Pricing Chart
Data charges include a connection fee, data fee, and SMS charges ($0.03 per SMS).

Billing Details
Monthly charges consist of the following three components:

1) Connection Fee - a prorated fee of up to $8 per month per camera, depending on how long the camera's data connection is turned ON in the app each month. For example, if the camera is ON for only half the month, then the fee will only be $4 for that camera.

2) Data Fee - the total data used by all cameras on your Barn Owl account. No minimum usage or overage fees.

3) SMS Fee - sending commands to the cameras uses SMS messages. We charge $0.03 per SMS when you update settings or command a trigger on-demand.

You're In Control
With our cameras, you have complete control over how much you pay each month. You can change the following camera settings anytime to manage data usage:

  • Select Photos or Videos
  • Select Image Resolution
  • Select Video Resolution & Length
  • Set Daily Limits
  • Turn Data Connections ON/OFF
Request a Consultation

We provide personalized cellular coverage checks and recommendations.

Web App

Everything in one place.

The Barn Owl web-app makes it easy to view and manage all of your cameras.

The web app is the same on all devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers) with nothing to download.

Simply log into our app to access everything you need for remote surveillance.

Features driven by customer demands.

  • Enable & disable your cameras' data connections
  • View and manage photos & videos
  • Command near real-time photos & videos remotely
  • Change camera settings remotely
  • Set up email & text forwarding for each camera's photos/videos
  • View and manage data use
  • View and manage billing
  • Contact customer support

What can I monitor?

Whatever you want. Here are some examples.

Ranch Monitoring

“In the summer, when we would normally be checking tanks every day, it saves me 5 to 7 hours a week. Not only is it a big time saver, but it gives me peace of mind as well.”

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Remote Security

"Very good and useful product, much more user friendly than I expected. Hassle-free set-up and great pictures for peace of mind."


Wildlife Monitoring

Barn Owl 4G cams are absolutely awesome.. crystal clear pics and videos.. I use alot of diffrent cams but these 4g are top notch!! customer service and tech support is extremely helpful.


Farm Surveillance

I've been using my Barn Owl to watch my mare foal and now check on the new born baby. Their customer service is awesome.


Our Credibility

As former ranchers and elite military operators, we understand the challenges of monitoring and managing assets spread out over many miles.

We're solving remote monitoring problems for rural businesses with affordable and easy-to-use camera systems.

Hundreds of ranchers, farmers, outfitters, and park managers across North America and beyond trust us as their remote surveillance solution, saving them time, money, and stress.


Our customers rate our products and service 4.9/5.0 stars.


We guarantee our products will work to your satisfaction, or we'll take them back.

Customer Service

Our dedicated support will help you work through any problems.

Global Connectivity

We're the first to offer affordable, remote surveillance with world-wide cellular service.

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