Always Know when events are threatening your community. Get the visual confirmation you need, when you need it. Anywhere, any time.

Save time and reduce your operating costs while you:

Increase response times by improving operating logistics and mobilization efforts.
Increase safety on rural roads and in public spaces where power and internet are unavailable.
Effectively manage your stormwater and flood zones in real time.
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“We are impressed with how the cameras have responded and their ability to maintain power.”

~St. Louis County, MN.


Mobilizing plows and heavy equipment is time consuming and costly. Always know the status of your equipment and road conditions before directing resources and deploying your teams.
Always know:
  • The status of your equipment and supplies by keeping an eye on your fleet.
  • The current road conditions throughout your community without driving to all locations.
  • When and where to deploy your resources.


Public safety goes beyond your local police department and beyond the reach of power and internet. From monitoring and protecting public spaces for vandalism and illegal dumping to ensuring that wildfire evacuation routes are open, always know what happened, when it happened, and who was involved.  
Always know:
  • The conditions leading up to an event or situation with cloud-based image storage that lets you pull images or video from remote locations without accessing cameras or SD cards.
  • Capturing events of interest with AI-enabled alerts recognizing people and vehicles.
  • The status of emergency and evacuation routes with real-time photo and video capture on command.


Stormwater management and flood zone monitoring is more important than ever. Severe weather patterns combined with continued development are taxing our aging infrastructure and stretched resources.
Always know:
  • When and where extreme weather is occurring without driving to locations.
  • How storm drains are performing during events with remote, GPS, and time-stamped inspections.
  • How erosion mitigation efforts compare to requirements with real-time or time-lapse inspections.

Remote Monitoring
Made Easy

Included in your Barn Owl Remote Monitoring System

Barn Owl HQ

All Access:

Cloud-based Remote Monitoring System With real-time alerting and object identification.

Solar Panels

No need to drive around replacing batteries with the 25,000 mAh Mega Panel from Barn Owl.

Security Lock Boxes

Keep your investment protected and secured

GPS Enabled, Weatherproof Cameras

Unmatched dependability and reliability
No Infrastructure Required
No Manual SD Card Retrievals Required
No Manual Updating Required
Easy Account Setup and Rapid Deployment

Barn Owl HQ:

Cloud-based application that can be used on any device, anywhere
Role-based access control for easy team management
Data connection and coverage using multiple carriers
Camera Groupings for Easy Content Management
Access and Manage all camera settings from within the app
On-Demand, Scheduled, and Motion Triggered Alerts
Camera Location Maps using GPS coordinates
Photo & Video Transmissions
Barn Owl Ai: Object Detection
​​Available with Any Plan:
Barn Owl API
With the Barn Owl API, you can feed into your current systems to enhance your existing management platforms.


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