Barn Owl provides cellular security camera systems with easy setup, affordable service, and dedicated support. Now available in our Mini Cams.

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Use our camera, ANYWHERE!

Barn Owl will work, even if your phone has no signal where you want to install the camera, thanks to a commercial grade connection.

No Contracts Necessary.

With Barn Owl, you only pay for the data you use. On average, our customers pay around $15 per month and receive 30 photos daily.

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No Power. No Problem.

Our cameras are battery powered; but can also be powered by our solar panel upgrade.

Put it where you need it most.

With four different mounting styles, our camera can go anywhere.
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Get Started with these Easy Steps

Step 1.

Order your camera right here on our website. All orders placed by 2pm MT are shipped same day and delivered within 2 business days

Step 2.

Create your Barn Owl account. Our app is where you can view pics, change camera settings, and a whole lot of other cool things.

Step 3.

Install it where you want it. Strap it to a post, mount it to a wall...our camera will go anywhere.