The health of your herd is important and you  can’t be everywhere at once.
With the Barn Owl Remote Monitoring System, you can be.

A message from our CEO and former cattleman, Josh Phifer
Knowing that the well-being of your herd is a priority, we built the Barn Owl Remote Monitoring System to be your eyes in the pasture and in the pens. From monitoring your pasture perimeter, fence lines, and access gates to monitoring your water tanks, feed troughs, calving operations, and equipment, Barn Owl makes it possible for you to keep a close watch on your herd and your ranch from anywhere, any time.
Always Know the status of your Ranch operations while reducing labor and fuel costs. Get the visual confirmation you need, when you need it. Anywhere, anytime.
Monitor calving pens, water tanks, and feed troughs
Improve pasture management and logistics
Keep a close watch on your ranch equipment
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“Barn Owl has revolutionized the way I keep an eye on my assets”

~ Luke P. Rock Hills Ranch.


Keep your cattle fat, happy, and healthy even during times of severe heat and severe cold.  With Barn Owl, you can schedule daily check-ins or use our on-demand camera and video features to confirm that the water tanks and feed troughs are full, the calving operations are going smoothly and that the herd is healthy with no signs of injury or disease.
Always know:
  • The status of your water tanks and feed troughs
  • The status of calving operations
  • The status of the overall health of the herd


From fence line damage caused by snow, wind, and normal wear and tear to confirming that access gates are closed and roads are free of snow drifts and ice to having to check on sections ready for rotation, you have a lot of acres to keep an eye on and not enough hours in the day. Leverage the Barn Owl camera groups and maps to create a digital perimeter and visually map your entire operation.
Always know:
  • The status of your fence line and pasture perimeter
  • The status of your irrigation systems and grazing sections
  • The status of encroaching wildfires on your land


Each year, ranchers fall victim to thousands of dollars worth of theft. Theft of fuel, machinery, cattle, and more. With Barn Owl Alerts and remote property cameras, you can detect and deter unwanted activity on your farm while keeping an eye on animal migration and signs of predatory movement.
Always know:
  • The status of your ranch equipment
  • The status of your remote buildings and facilities
  • The status of your access gates and backroads

Ranch Monitoring
Made Simple

Included in your Barn Owl Remote Monitoring System

Barn Owl HQ

All Access:

Cloud-based Remote Monitoring System With real-time alerting and object identification.

Solar Panels

No need to drive around replacing batteries with the 25,000 mAh Mega Panel from Barn Owl.

Security Lock Boxes

Keep your investment protected and secured

GPS Enabled, Weatherproof Cameras

Unmatched dependability and reliability
No Infrastructure Required
No Manual SD Card Retrievals Required
No Manual Updating Required
Easy Account Setup and Rapid Deployment

Barn Owl HQ:

Cloud-based application that can be used on any device, anywhere
Role-based access control for easy team management
Data connection and coverage using multiple carriers
Camera Groupings for Easy Content Management
Access and Manage all camera settings from within the app
On-Demand, Scheduled, and Motion Triggered Alerts
Camera Location Maps using GPS coordinates
Photo & Video Transmissions
Barn Owl Ai: Object Detection
​​Available with Any Plan:
Barn Owl API
With the Barn Owl API, you can feed into your current systems to enhance your existing management platforms.


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