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Camera Specs & Instructions

RangeCam Mini Instruction Manual
RangeCam 4G Instruction Manual
How do the cameras work?

Barn Owl's cameras transmit photos or videos using a nearby cellular network. The cameras transmit the photos or videos immediately after they are captured, and are usually received in less than 15 seconds.

The cameras can be motion triggered, set to take photos/videos on a recurring basis (time-lapse), or both. You can also command near real-time photos/videos from our web-app.

Camera settings can be updated remotely at any time from the web-app, without having to go manually change them on the camera itself. More info here:

Are the cameras easy to move?

Yes, you simply turn the camera off, move it to a new location, and turn it back on.

Can camera settings be changed remotely?

Yes, you can update settings anytime from the Barn Owl web-app, and the camera will receive the updates either immediately or on a scheduled interval, depending on the camera's SMS Control (SMS Check Interval) setting.

What are the differences between each camera model?

The RangeCam 4G uses 12 AA batteries instead of 8 and includes GPS coordinates at the bottom of each photo. Choose the RangeCam 4G if GPS coordinates are especially important for your situation.

The RangeCam Mini does not have GPS capabilities, uses 8 AA batteries instead of 12, and is currently only offered with the standard lens.

Barn Owl Service & App

What are Barn Owl's guarantees?

We offer a 45-day refund policy on all purchases. You can return the cameras within 45 days, for any reason, and receive a full refund.

We also offer a 2-year warranty. We'll repair or replace defective cameras within 2 years after purchase:

How do returns work?

Within 45 days of receiving a camera, you can return it for any reason for a full refund. Contact us to receive a return shipping label. After 45 days, we will honor a 2 year warranty. Email for assistance.

Do you give discounts for buying multiple cameras?

Yes, we provide automatic discounts for buying 2, 3, 5, or 10 cameras. We also pool data across all of your cameras, and the higher your total data count gets, the cheaper your data costs per MB. More info here:

How does the web app work?

The web-app can be accessed from any phone or computer with an internet browser by visiting the URL and entering your account login info. You do not need to download anything from the app store, and the web-app looks and operates exactly the same across all devices.

Do I need a smart phone to use the web app?

No, the web-app may be accessed at from any device with an internet browser (phone/tablet/computer), and there is no download required. You can also have the photos/videos forwarded to any device as a text message or email.

Where do I find my verification code?

We sent a verification code to your account email address when you logged in, this helps secure your account. You will only have to enter this code the first time you log into the new app. Please make sure to check your “Spam” and “Promotions” folders in your email client, it can go to the “Promotions” inbox of your Gmail account, separate from your main inbox.

Camera Features

Can the camera transmit video?

Barn Owl cameras* can transmit 5-10 second video clips, triggered by motion, on-demand, or at scheduled times.

*The RangeCam Photo can not transmit videos, it can only transmit photos.

Can the camera stream live video?

No, but you can request a 5-10 second video on-demand at any time, which will reach your phone roughly 30 seconds after it's requested. Cellular-based cameras (compared to WiFi-based cameras) typically don't support live-streaming due to the large amount of data being transmitted and the costs associated with transmitting that amount of data over a cellular network.

How long does it take to receive a photo after it is taken?

Usually less than 15 seconds. With poor cellular strength (2 bars or less), it may take slightly longer. If you're commanding a photo from the web app, it takes about 30 seconds to receive the photo after pressing the "Command Trigger" button.

If the camera is in burst mode, will it transmit all of the photos?

Barn Owl cameras* can send any combination of the burst shot images (up to 5 images per trigger).

The RangeCam Photo can not transmit more than one photo per burst sequence.

Can I have photos sent to my phone or email?

Yes, you can set up text and/or email alerts in the Barn Owl web-app. The alert contains the image, the camera ID, and the camera's configurable custom location. You can send a camera's alerts to as many phone numbers or email addresses as you need.

What happens when the SD card fills up?

The camera's "SD Cycle" feature will automatically delete the oldest files on the SD card to make room for new ones, ensuring your camera never stops functioning. This setting is turned on by default, and can be turned off if needed.

Cellular Service

What cell networks do the cameras use?

The RangeCam 4G connects to AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular and 4G/LTE networks, such as Viaero.
The RangeCam Mini connects to all of these networks except US Cellular. You do not need to be signed up with these carriers or communicate with them for any reason to use our cameras.

We handle billing and cell connectivity separately from your phone bill, so it doesn't matter which cell carrier you use for your cell phone. Photos and videos can be forwarded to any device via text message or email, regardless of that device's carrier.

Does this apply to my current cell phone bill?

No, we provide the SIM card for cellular connectivity and bill separately from your cell phone bill. You do not need to change your current cell provider or negotiate with any carriers.

Can I combine multiple cameras under one data plan?

Yes, data is combined across all cameras at the end of each monthly billing cycle, and a charge is generated for the combined data used by all cameras on your account.

How does billing work?

We utilize a pooled, "pay-as-you-go" billing system, which we call "Flex Billing". Your monthly charges consist of the following components:

• Connection Fee - $5 per month per active camera.
Data Fee - the total data used, pooled across all cameras on your Barn Owl account. No minimum usage or overage fees.
SMS Fee - sending commands to the cameras uses SMS messages. We charge $0.02 per SMS when you update settings or command a trigger on-demand.
Optional Account Upgrades - we offer Extended Cloud Storage and Barn Owl Care (Camera Protection) as optional upgrades to your account.

View billing details here:

Can I use my own cell service?

No, the Barn Owl platform can only communicate with cameras using SIM cards provided by Barn Owl.

How good of cell service does the camera need?

We recommend at least 2 bars of service for reliable transmissions. While the cameras will transmit photos with 1-bar of service, transmissions will likely be unreliable.

The camera's large, external antennas usually get 2-3 more bars of signal than most cell phones, so you may have better results than you expect in areas with marginal cell service.

Can I use a larger antenna?

Yes. A larger antenna can make a significant difference in areas with marginal or spotty cell signal. Please contact us if you need to improve your cellular reception.

Batteries and Solar Power

What kind of batteries should I use?

We highly recommend the solar panel. If you can't use the solar panel or an external power source, we recommend The camera stops transmitting photos at 8.6V, and Alkaline batteries will fall below 8.6V much faster than ithium.

If you do use Lithium, please note the battery level indicted on the photos can be deceptive. Lithium batteries hold their voltage until they are almost dead, so the battery level indicator will show full right up until the lithium batteries die.

How long do batteries last?

Battery life depends on numerous factors, including day vs night photos, cellular signal strength, temperature, and more. The ranges below are only general guides and should not be taken as specification.

 - 12 x Alkaline batteries ~ 500 - 1,500 transmitted photos
 - 12 x Lithium batteries ~ 1,000 - 3,000 transmitted photos

Please be aware that setting SMS Control to "Instant" uses significant battery power. We only recommend using "Instant" if you have a solar panel or another external power source.

Cold weather will reduce battery life by up to 50%, especially for Alkaline. Lithium will perform much better in cold weather. See our Battery Saving Tips to help extend battery life.

How effective is the solar panel?

The solar panel will power the camera 24/7 if it gets 3-4 hours of direct sunlight per day. If the solar panel does not get direct sunlight for 3-4 hours, the solar panel's internal lithium battery will drain over time, causing the camera to fall back to the AA batteries inside the camera when the solar panel's battery is insufficiently charged.

Can the camera be powered by a 12V external battery or 120V outlet?

Yes, you can find 120V wall outlet converters, battery terminal connectors, and other accessories on our shop page:

Does the solar panel recharge the AA batteries in the camera?

No, the solar panel will not recharge any kind of AA batteries inside the camera. The solar panel has its own lithium battery, and the camera will run solely on the solar panel's battery while it has charge, and will only use the AAs as a fallback when the solar panel's battery dies or the solar panel comes disconnected.


Can the camera be locked?

Yes, you can find lock boxes on our shop page:

If you are worried about theft or damage, consider our Barn Owl Care camera protection to keep your camera covered.

How does camera insurance work?

Our insurance can be activated when you register cameras in the Barn Owl App. The insurance covers camera damage, theft or loss.

View full details here:

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