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Last updated November 2021

Quick Setup Guide
RangeCam Mini Instruction Manual
RangeCam 4G Instruction Manual
Battery Saving Tips

Battery life is dependent on many factors, including temperature, cellular signal strength, IR LED usage, and more.

If you are only using the internal AA batteries:

     • Use Lithium AA batteries

The following tips will help maximize battery life:

     • Reduce how frequently your camera checks for new SMS Commands.
           • Set the "SMS Check Interval" to at least 1 hour, but the longer the interval is the better your battery life will be.
            • When "Instant" is selected, the camera always remains connected to the cellular network and batteries drain significantly faster.
            • Please note, "Instant" is required for commanding real-time photos. If real-time photos are important to you, consider an external power source.

     • Reduce PIR sensitivity to limit photos of unwanted objects.

     • Limit night photos if possible.
            • Set a Time Window within daylight hours (06:00-18:00, etc) to restrict the camera from taking night photos.

     • Reduce IR flash if possible.
            • If you don't need full IR flash range, set the "LED" to "Part".
            • IR flash range will be reduced from ~65 feet to ~30 feet.

If you need reliable power in all conditions, use an external power source.

     • If 120V power outlet is available, use a 120V AC Power Adapter.
     • If you have good sun exposure, purchase a solar panel.
            • Ensure the solar panel is fully charged and is oriented to maximize sun exposure.
     • If solar or 120V power are not options, use an external 12V battery.

Barn Owl App - Registration and Service Activation

Access our web-app from any device to view photos, manage your cameras' data usage, and manage your cameras' settings.

Log in or register for an account at

Once logged in, click “Activate Service”,  and you will be prompted for your credit card info to begin your monthly billing cycle.

Enter your camera's IMEI (sticker above/below camera screen or in Menu - Other - About) and SIM Number (white card included in camera box), click "Add Camera", and your camera will be registered to your account.

After registering your camera(s), it's easy to view and manage them in the Barn Owl web app.

It is important to understand that you must turn the data connection "ON" for the camera to transmit photos. If you are not using the camera, simply turn the data connection "OFF" to eliminate any data charges for that camera while you are not using it.

If you have any other questions, please contact us or use the live chat.

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